About ShadowBet

ShadowBet came about in response to online bookmakers banning and restricting the accounts of successful punters. They don't want you to win, but we do!

If you're a punter with expertise in thoroughbred horse racing, harness racing or greyhound racing, you can use ShadowBet to earn cash rewards. Other punters can see your track record and bet like you - without seeing the details until the market closes. The more backers you have and the bigger their stakes, the greater the rewards.

As an everyday punter, you can shadow other punters with a proven track record - placing bets on the same markets. You choose the size and frequency of those bets, and you can also become an expert in your own right. We can't guarantee that you'll win every bet, but we can swing the odds back in your favour.

ShadowBet aims to strike the right balance between properly rewarding experts, providing great-value betting to everyday punters, and providing a pathway to attaining expert status. Over time, we believe ShadowBet will become synonymous with winning more, more often.

ShadowBet is an independently owned and operated application powered by the Betfair Exchange, the World's biggest betting exchange.

Find out more about how ShadowBet works here. To join ShadowBet click here.

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