How It Works

ShadowBet is a betting platform that lets you emulate or 'shadow' other players. The leaderboard displays the betting performance of the best players. From there you can back another player's live tips, or create a ShadowBetting strategy to back their future tips. To join ShadowBet click here.

For Experts

As an expert, your success delivers returns for you and your backers. It's easy, anonymous and rewarding.

  • It's EASY – your bets are deployed as tips for other players to back.
  • It's ANONYMOUS – other players don't know who you are, they just know you are great at what you do.
  • It's REWARDING – when your tips are backed and they win, you collect a commission. Scaled up, this can mean big cash rewards.
  • It's SMART – the contents of your tips are concealed until the scheduled 'jump', so they keep their value and you maintain ownership.
  • It's DIFFERENT – you can attain expert status by knowing the markets, or by shadowing those who know the markets.

For Everyday Punters

You can shadow players with a proven track record. You aren't locked in by subscriptions. You choose who you want to shadow and when you want to shadow them. When you ShadowBet and win – and only when you win – you pay a fee, to keep the tips coming. You can also transition to expert status if you climb the leaderboard, allowing you to collect a commission when your own tips are backed and they win.

For Beginners

If you aren't familiar with exchange betting, it's worth taking a few minutes to learn the basics at the Betfair Hub. This will help you when betting on racing markets. The minimum you need to know is that when you 'back' something, you are betting it will happen. Whereas when you 'lay' bet on something, you are betting it will not happen. For example, when you lay bet on 'Old Nag' for the win, you are betting it will not win.


Your commission is paid on a pro-rata basis, determined by the fees collected from other players. When other players back your tips, and those tips win, you collect a commission from their profits* of up to 5.0 per cent. For experts with heavily backed tips, this can mean big cash rewards. We use PayPal to pay your commission each month, and we pass on any transaction fees to you.


Only winning ShadowBets attract a fee, comprising of the 5.0 per cent commission to the tip creator, plus a 5.0 per cent service fee on your profits*. There are no fees if you don't win and there are no fees for betting on racing markets. We use PayPal to collect fees each month, but we do not pass on any transaction fees to you. Please note that we have a zero tolerance policy for unpaid fees^.

* Commission and Fees are charged on profits, being the profit from a bet before any Betfair Commissions & Charges are deducted.

^ Any player with unpaid fees will be indefinitely suspended from ShadowBet.

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